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The Thinkware T700 may look like most other dashcams, but there is one big difference: this is a dashcam with a SIM card slot and LTE connectivity.

That means the T700 has 4G and can connect to the internet, to send notifications and even let you watch a live feed of your car from your phone from anywhere in the world. While the T700 isn’t without its flaws, this unique functionality means it’s on our list of the best dash cams money can buy.

Before we get into the connectivity features of the T700, let’s quickly run through the basics. This is a dashcam with a slim and fairly subtle design; it has no display, but is instead shaped to fit snugly against the windshield, hidden behind the rear-view mirror and neatly out of the way.

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The lens can be rotated about 45 degrees so should work with just about any vehicle regardless of the windshield angle. It connects to a simple holder that sticks to the screen with an adhesive pad. This means that the mount will always be on the screen, but the camera can be removed by sliding it to the side – useful if you want to switch it between vehicles, but in reality we would probably plug the T700 stuck in our car and think of it as a permanent installation.

There is a row of buttons on the back of the device. These are for power supply, switching the WiFi and microphone on or off, manually recording footage – if you witness an incident but the G-sensor feels no impact – and for making an emergency call after an accident.

The Thinkware T700 dashcam on a kitchen table

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