These ‘very good’ AirPods Pro are on sale at an unbelievable price with a 1 year warranty included

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Given their continued popularity, it sure is nice to see Apple’s AirPods Pro score significant discounts in both brand new and refurbished condition, both during sales events such as Prime Day and without any special occasion.

Of course, given their advanced age, the noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds released in 2019 could be less than the $170 or $180 that major retailers like Amazon have recently started charging regularly, especially now that the AirPods Pro 2 are almost guaranteed to see daylight soon.
Of course, the biggest savings can be made on websites like eBay, where a “top rated plus” seller called great-wireless can currently pair you up with some of these bad guys in exchange for a measly $114.99. That’s a whopping $135 lower than the $249.99 list price of new, unused, unopened, and undamaged AirPods Pros, and while you’re clearly looking at refurbished units here, their “very good” condition and 1-year warranty definitely make them. worth considering now.
This warranty is provided by Allstate in lieu of: Apple itself, and this particular seller’s very good rating includes “some signs of use such as light scratches on the body”, a minimum battery status of 80 percent and perhaps most importantly, “100% functionality”.

In other words, these are fully working wireless earbuds bundled with a state-of-the-art MagSafe charging case that is sold in a “limited quantity” at a lower price than ever. For reference, a pair of “Geek Squad-certified refurbished” AirPods Pro is available for a significantly higher $149.99 at Best Buy at the time of writing, while Amazon wants north of $140 for “redesigned” units with active noise cancellation. premium audio quality, and… decent battery life.

Please note that the highly anticipated AirPods Pro 2 are widely expected to bring some major upgrades and groundbreaking new features to the table as early as September… at an extravagant recommended price that will likely be $300. So yes, the first generation AirPods Pro should easily be able to maintain some of their appeal between $100 and $150.

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