The Pixel Watch’s battery life and charging speed have been leaked; they are disappointing

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With the plague of the Pixel Watch, the silence around you Google’s very first smartwatch has broken down and new rumors about the wearable keep popping up all the time. Earlier we have reported the smartwatch’s assumed battery size — a 300 mAh cell — but we didn’t know what battery life and charging speed the Pixel Watch would have. Now a new report from 9to5Google sheds some light on the matter. According to sources from 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch only lasts one day on a single charge. It’s not clear whether Google used features like Always On Display or sleep tracking during testing. So there’s a chance these functionalities were active during the trials, which could explain why the watch’s battery life was so poor.

If the rumor is true, at least one day of battery life sounds disappointing. This is exactly the main complaint that Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 users have with their smartwatches. While generally great devices, both wearables require charging every day. And if you think about it, you might expect that Google has tried to make a watch that is comparable to these two flagship smartwatches while also giving people what they most want, which is better battery life from their devices.

Now, after talking about how long the Pixel Watch lasts on a single charge, let’s take a look at how much time it takes to recharge to 100%. Spoiler alert: it’s disappointing again.

The Pixel Watch is rumored to take about the same time to fully charge as the Galaxy Watch 4, which takes about 110 minutes to charge. If you charge your wearable overnight, that’s not much of a problem. After all, most smartwatches need one to two hours to fully charge. But when you consider that the Apple Watch Series 7 takes about 75 minutes to top up, Google could have done better with the charging speed of its first smartwatch.

It should be noted that these are just rumours, and there’s currently no word from Google on the Pixel Watch’s battery life and charging speed. We’ll see if these stats add up once Big G releases its wearable, but until then we sincerely hope the leakers are wrong.

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