The Pixel 6a available for pre-order… in two days

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Google certainly knows how to build tension. More than two months after the official unveiling at Google IO 2022, the Google Pixel 6a is finally available… for pre-order… in a few days…

The smartphone will be one of the biggest releases in the middle segment of the smartphone market and expectations are naturally high. Therefore, regular users and tech enthusiasts alike can’t wait to get their hands on the Pixel 6a.

We now know they won’t have to wait long. As spotted by the 9to5GoogleAmazon indicates limited pre-order availability is just around the corner — starting July 21 PDT. The Pixel 6a’s Amazon page lists all three color options (Chalk, Charcoal, and the greenish Sage shade).

9to5 Google also made another interesting observation. Amazon apparently made a (minor) blunder in listing the Pixel 6a’s specs. In the comparison table, Amazon makes two big mistakes.

First, it claims that the Pixel 6a can be charged wirelessly. Simply put, it doesn’t. Second, what’s even more (or less, depending on perspective) amusing is that Amazon is also confidently claiming that the Pixel 6a will be powered by the same chipset as the Pixel 7, Google’s upcoming flagship.

In reality, there’s a lot of difference (a year difference to be exact) between the processors at the heart of the two Pixel handsets. While both are in fact Tensor chipsets, the Pixel 6a will have the original Tensor, which debuted with the Pixel 6 last year, while the Pixel 7 will house the SoC’s successor – the upcoming Tensor v2. Needless to say, you won’t get the same processing power from both devices

Fortunately everything else is correct. Users should soon be able to pre-order the Pixel 6a for the price of $449.

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