The OnePlus Quiz: Test your OnePlus knowledge!

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Are there any OnePlus fans lurking in the deep dark corners of the web? You can hide anything you want, but you can’t hide from us! Jokes aside, we are big fans of the Chinese brand from the day it was born.

The idea of ​​giving people a flagship phone for the price of a midranger is pretty appealing to say the least. And admittedly, OnePlus may have evolved in such a way that the company is no longer undermining the prices of the other major players with its flagship models, but then again, the market has gained another solid player, and it’s here to stay.

There are a lot of things that set OnePlus apart from the other run-of-the-mill smartphone makers – from the first way the company was founded to its operations, including some pretty interesting collaborations over the years. The marketing campaign of the original OnePlus phone was also quite bold and unconventional.

But chances are you already know everything about OnePlus, right? Why don’t you test your knowledge, young Padawan. Think you know your OnePlus way in the smartphone universe?

This 20 question quiz will put you to the test and reveal the truth! And if you’re secretly thinking (well I google the shit out of your quiz – sorry to disappoint you, but no cigar! There’s a 20 second timer on each question so if you can manage to google anything you can just so good, enter a quick typing contest!)

But enough chatter – below lies your challenge! Take it or leave it!

So how did it go? Did you manage to master all the trivia? Share your scores and brag about your OnePlus nerdness in the comments below! And by the way, there are more quizzes you can try if you’re feeling cocky. Check them out below!

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