The Nothing Phone will make its (online) debut tomorrow

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The Nothing Phone, one of the most anticipated smartphones of the summer of 2022, will make its debut on July 12. “The Nothing (event): Return to Instinct” will be streamed online for everyone to follow freely.

The company behind the new rising star in the Android market was founded by none other than Carl Pei, one of the names behind OnePlus. And while the Nothing Phone has not been officially unveiled, most of the key details have been revealed.

The smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 778G+ SoC and has an impressive camera module with a massive 50MP sensor. We have already been treated to some camera samples and they certainly do not disappoint.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Nothing Phone is its glyph interface. The latter is the final aspect of the smartphone’s design and features a system of 5 LED strips that can be used to relay information to the user. If this sounds a bit abstract, here it is: a video from MKBHD that’s better to explain the glyph interface and how it works.

How are the LED strips visible, you may ask? Well, here comes the most notable part of the Nothing Phone’s design – it has a (partially) transparent back. This, coupled with the LED strips, makes for a visually stunning smartphone that is sure to stand out in the sea of ​​everyday looking Android handsets.

However, there is still some room for surprises. We have not yet received the full spec sheet of the Nothing Phone. Most importantly, the price tag is also still unknown. Considering that the Nothing Phone is the brainchild of a OnePlus co-founder, it’s safe to assume we’re not in the iPhone’s price range. If there’s anything, we’ll know for sure at this time tomorrow.

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