The latest release of Samsung Internet focuses on privacy and security

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The 17th iteration of Samsung Internet is finally ready for primetime, the South Korean company confirmed this week. We have previously reported on the beta version of Samsung Internet 17.0, but if you missed the news, here’s what’s coming in this release.

As the title says, this release focuses primarily on privacy and security. First, Samsung Internet 17.0 improves on the AI-powered Smart anti-tracking feature, which is now enabled by default. The privacy feature is intended to prevent third parties that attempt to track users’ personal information from succeeding.

In addition, Samsung Internet 17.0 provides users with an interesting overview of how the browser protects their web experience. The updated version of the browser provides a visual snapshot of a user’s privacy dashboard via the Quick Access page, which provides a detailed overview of weekly activities and settings that can be adjusted.

The latest version of With Samsung Internet, users can now take advantage of external security or on-device security keys as an alternative to SMS or app-based two-factor authentication.

Last but not least, Samsung Internet 17.0 comes with several improvements to the overall user experience, such as the ability to drag and drop tabs into custom tab groups. The update also provides an improved search experience in bookmarks, history and saved pages. The official version of Samsung Internet 17.0 is now available for download on Google Play and Galaxy store.

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