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The July 2022 Android subsystem update of Windows 11 adds new features

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Microsoft has been testing a major update for the Android subsystem of Windows 11 and the July 2022 feature update is now rolling out with numerous improvements. This release brings the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to version 2205.40000.14.0 and includes several new improvements to the platform.

Windows 11’s Android subsystem integration gets advanced network support that enables app access to local devices for ARM hardware. This means that apps can now take advantage of the functionality. Similarly, Microsoft is also adding support for two new features: IPv6 and VPN connectivity.

These new network functionalities of the subsystem are available to everyone. Another new addition is improvements to the Settings app. As you probably know, WSA comes with its own special settings panel and Microsoft has made improvements to the settings panel with today’s update.

Here is the full changelog of the July 2022 WSA update for Windows 11:

  • Microsoft has enabled the advanced network functionality. This provides app access to local network devices for ARM.
  • The IP address of the virtual machine has been updated and is now the same as the IP address of the host/computer.
  • Microsoft has fixed issues with maximizing or resizing.
  • Microsoft has fixed scrolling issues with mouse and trackpad in apps.
  • As part of privacy updates, Microsoft has confirmed that screenshots can no longer be taken of windows marked as safe. This includes Chrome’s incognito mode.
  • Microsoft improves web browser startup.
  • Doze and app standby support enabled.
  • Updated to Chromium WebView 101
  • Microsoft has fixed app flickering and graphics corruption, video playback, network issues and more. In fact, Microsoft claims that the update increases the performance and reliability of connection to virtual Wi-Fi.
  • Microsoft improves video playback in apps and adds support for AV1 Codec.
  • Enabled IPv6 and VPN connectivity
  • Microsoft has fixed video playback issues, including a bug that could prevent the screen from turning off in Windows.

While several issues have been fixed in the July 2022 update, Microsoft is still aware of a number of known issues, including a bug where some VPNs may not work with Advanced Networking. You will run into issues if you use a VPN, but this can be resolved if you disable Advanced Networking in the Settings app.

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