The Google Pixel Watch just got official – check it out!

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At the Google I/O 2022 developer conference today, the search engine giant finally unveiled its highly anticipated Pixel Watch to the world.

After much speculation and the occasional leaked image, this is what the Google Pixel Watch really looks like, as shown at the I/O event.

Pixel Watch Design Details

As we expected from leaked images ahead of today’s official announcement of the Pixel Watch, the design is quite a refreshing change from its main competition – the Apple Watch Series 7. Mainly due to the fact that the Pixel Watch, despite being a smartwatch, has the more traditional round form factor, similar to a regular wristwatch.

While the square form factor is technically more practical for a smartwatch, as it can fit more text and other information on the screen, in our Recent poll on which smartwatch design our readers prefer, “Round” won by far. So it’s safe to assume that Google did the right thing in terms of aesthetics with its first-ever in-house smartwatch.

While it doesn’t have a rotating bezel, on the side of the Pixel Watch we get a tactile rotating crown.

As for the color options, although Google hasn’t revealed them yet, industry insiders have previously suggested that the recycled stainless steel case of the Google Pixel Watch will come in three colors:

Of course, the smartwatch’s interchangeable wristband is what really matters when it comes to customization, and we can expect plenty of options – from the simple silicone band shown today, to the third-party bands that will inevitably be released after the watch itself comes out. . More details on when that will be below.

Wear OS improvements, Fitbit and smart home integration

This minimalist-looking Google smartwatch is powered by the company’s own Wear OS 3 operating system, which Samsung should be familiar with Galaxy Watch 4 users. But Google noted that Wear OS has been upgraded to bring even more with this upcoming smartwatch:
The Pixel Watch also supports Google Home to control your smart home devices, such as lights and thermostats. In addition, Google has announced “deep integration” with Fitbit, meaning the Pixel Watch will include all the health and fitness experiences users would expect on a modern flagship smartwatch.

Key Google Pixel Watch features officially confirmed:

  • Voice/Google Assistant Support
  • Google Maps (without phone), Google Wallet
  • Google Home Support
  • Fitbit Integration / Health & Fitness Features
  • Continuous heart rate and sleep tracking
  • Seamless Custom Tires

Pixel Watch Official Release Date

When will the Google Pixel Watch be released? Well, Google has confirmed it’s coming this fall, along with the Google Pixel 7. Stay tuned for updates!

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