The Google Duo and Meet merger officially begins with the latest Duo update

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We’ve known that for a while Google plans to Google Duo and Google Meet are merging, and the company unveiled those plans a few weeks ago. Now the merger is finally taking place, reports XDA-Developersand a new Google Duo update is rolling out for Android and iOS that finally kicks things off.

The merger of Google Duo and Meet finally begins

Previously, Google released a Google Duo update that introduced conferencing features to the app. Now comes a new update for Google Duo on Android and iOS, which is being rolled out in phases. This new update replaces the icon and logo of the app from Duo to Meet. And what’s more, the update introduces a new notification that says “Duo has been upgraded to Meet”. Of course, the change should also be reflected everywhere – Google updated the Duo branding on the web version and now it has been replaced with the Meet icon and name.

The merger is expected to be completed in September. After that, the updated Google Meet app (which would have been the former Duo) with video calling and conferencing features will be widely available on Android and iOS.

In addition, Google plans to redirect the link to in the coming months.

On the other hand, the outdated Google Meet app (probably for some time) will remain an app with conferencing capabilities but without Duo’s video calling. Google Meet is expected to phase out after the Duo upgrade is complete.

The update to Google Duo is now rolling out in phases, meaning a small number of users will get it initially, and then a wider rollout.

The merger between Google Meet and Duo creates a single platform for video calls and meetings

In early June, Google officially announced the big change. The goal of merging the two apps is to have a single Google platform responsible for video calling and conferencing, called Google Meet. Let’s take a look at some more details about what this merger means.

First of all, Google Meet as it is now is a video platform mainly aimed at video calling with many people (mainly work-related meetings). On the other hand, Duo was a free video chat app, and it has a lot in common with Apple’s FaceTime, which basically focuses on one-on-one video chats rather than large conferences.

The merger between the two apps will happen with an upgrade to Duo, which will become Meet. The current Meet is expected to be named “Meet Original”. This new Meet (former Duo) will be the standard. Duo is getting some new features as a result.

You can do this once Duo is fully upgraded with Meet features. You can customize virtual backgrounds in conversations and meetings, schedule meetings, use in-meeting chat, share content live during meetings, and get real-time closed captioning for easier accessibility. In addition, the size of video calls will be upgraded from the current 32 to 100 participants.

And last but not least, you get integration with other Google tools. Those tools include Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, Messages, and others.

During the pandemic, Google Meet grew in popularity as many people started using it for conferences and work-related video calls and meetings. Because of this growth, the platform became the obvious choice for Google to focus on video and voice options.

Google previously stated, “As part of our mission to build a connected experience for all users, we are excited to bring our video calling and conferencing technologies together into a single, powerful, easy-to-use solution.”

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