The Galaxy Z Flip 4 could have a ‘shallower’ fold

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The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will introduce a significant improvement in one of the biggest pitfalls of its predecessor: the fold.

The interesting piece of information was shared via Twitter by renowned tech tipster IceUniverse, whose leaks have a long and proven track record when it comes to Samsung products. In a tweetIceUniverse clarified that “the fold of the Flip 4 is much shallower than that of the Flip 3” and speculated that “most people will be happy” with the improvement.

While the tweet doesn’t provide any additional concrete information, many folding enthusiasts will certainly breathe a sigh of relief. The fold has always been a major concern for the majority of the users mentioned.

It should be noted that this reveal follows similar speculation regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Earlier we discussed: a rumor that the Fold will also see a reduction in the prominence of its Fold.

All in all, it looks like Samsung’s next generation of foldable devices will offer significant upgrades to the still-new technology behind their flexible displays. Speculation of smaller hinges and less prominent folds point to a major refinement of both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and its bigger brother – the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Nevertheless, many other companies have succeeded in producing wrinkle-free folding displays. For example, the display of the Oppo Find N appears completely flat when unfolded, in large part thanks to the unique mechanism behind the hinge.

That’s why it’s somewhat disappointing to see Samsung, the undisputed leader in the foldable market, still making smartphones with creases (even if they’re less visible).

Fold or no fold, the Galaxy Z Flip lineup is by far the most commercially successful foldable out there. Something tells us that a less visible fold only makes the Flip 4 more attractive – even if flat alternatives exist.

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