The Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition would offer users more than 1000 color combinations

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It’s official… the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be Samsung’s premium high-tech fashion statement. The Z Flip, like the Motorola Razr and other foldable devices with a similar clamshell form factor, tend to place a disproportionate emphasis on their aesthetic appeal and uniqueness.

Users increasingly see them as a way to express their individuality in a sea of ​​everyday-looking devices that all resemble sheets of glass and aluminum. There is an occasional transparent back with LED strips (we’re looking at you Nothing Phone), but most smartphones, both iPhone and Android, have the same cookie designs.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will expand the aesthetic appeal of the foldable even further by offering users a somewhat absurd degree of customization via the Bespoke edition. For reference, the Bespoke edition of the Flip allows users to choose a special color for each of the foldable’s two panels, allowing users to truly make the device their own.

It should be noted that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 already had a custom edition. However, availability was limited and color options were quite scarce (there were a total of 49 possible combinations). This time around, the Korean tech giant will likely offer users the option to choose from up to 30 colors for each of the Flip panels. This amounts to a total of 900 combinations (1024, if we take into account the color of the frame).

This undoubtedly represents a significant upgrade. The basis of this speculation is a cryptic tweet shared by Samsung, alluding to the Samsung Unpacked event. The Korean tech giant posted a photo with no fewer than 30 color samples. sammobile is confident that these swatches will be the color options that users can choose from when creating their own Galaxy Z Flip Bespoke Edition.

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