The Cool Pixel feature can help you sleep more on July 4th thanks to the Google Assistant

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Maybe it’s just this writer getting older, but sleeping is harder to get these days than a chipset or even a McRib. Many of you probably feel the same. But we often forget to turn off our phone’s alarm clock setting and wake up from a good night’s sleep on a holiday morning when we’re not at work. Google has done something about it.

When the March Feature Drop spread new features for the Pixel 3a through the Pixel 6 Pro models earlier this year, one of these new features was a Google Assistant reminder that reminded users to “turn off your alarm if the next day a holiday.”
on reddit, a Pixel user received a notification from his Google Assistant that read, “Tomorrow is Canada Day. Tap to change your 9:30 am alarm.” So instead of waking up unnecessarily at 9:30 am, the Pixel owner may have gotten a few extra hours of sleep thanks to the Google Assistant reminder.

Tapping on the notification will take you to the alarm tab on your phone from where you can make the necessary adjustments to your alarm settings. The next vacation for Pixel users in the United States is next Monday, July 4.

If you own a Pixel, the Google Assistant should warn you to turn off your alarm for the holidays. If we receive the alert later today, we’ll update this story and let you know. If you receive a notification reminding you that Monday is a holiday so you can turn off your daily alarm, drop us a line in the comment box below.

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if Google Assistant won’t remind you of the holiday of July 4 on Monday, consider this a personal reminder from this writer to turn off your Monday alarm clock and go back to sleep. Don’t forget to turn it back on Monday night before your head hits the pillow. Otherwise, your boss’s face will look red, white, and blue on Tuesday mornings when you’re sauntering to work late.

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