The beauty of the iPhone 14 redesign is on the inside, as $500 repairs are no more

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Good news folks, Apple will no longer charge you almost an entire iPhone if you crack the back of the glass! Anyway with the iPhone 14, that is, what it lacks in the exterior redesign has translated into a case of the axiom “beauty is within”.

The disassembly specialists at iFixit took the iPhone 14 apart and were surprised at how easy it was. Apple uses a new center plate that separates the screen from the rest of the interior, increasing torsional rigidity and making changing the iPhone 14’s screen a cinch.

The iPhone 14 screen still costs $279 to replace out of pocket, just like the panel on the iPhone 13, but it is now much easier and simpler to do it.

Easiest to fix iPhone

In fact, iFixit gave the iPhone 14 their highest recoverability score of 7/10 since, well, the times of the iPhone 7. The culprit? Apple’s complete internal redesign to make the iPhone 14 assembly more modular in nature and with much easier access to the individual components.

After heating and prying open the display, all you need to do is remove the cable connectors and swap the panel if it is cracked. In addition, it is now also possible to come from behind and you can remove the back glass by breaking it into pieces. This would immediately reveal the battery for a quick replacement if needed.
The following are the camera kits and motherboard with the A15 processor and the modified Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G modem version with the e n53 frequency band that Globalstar – Apple’s Emergency SOS partner on iPhone 14 series – used for satellite link service.

It’s now much cheaper to fix a broken iPhone 14

Instead of a cracked glass on the back falling under the “Other” repair category that Apple charges up to $599, the one on the iPhone 14 will only cost you $169 if you drop it and break the back of the handset.

The glass back plate can be pry open just as easily as the iPhone 14’s front display panel, marking a turning point for iPhone repair prices, as this would be the case with the iPhone 14’s front display panel. iPhone 14 Plus too, whose rear mount replacement costs $199 instead of $499.
call it Right to Repair Act or upcoming European Commission legislation, but for the first time since it started making glass sandwich iPhones, Apple has a separate “Back glass damage” replacement category that is much cheaper than the “Other” category where back panel replacements have taken place until now. .
Unfortunately, this privilege is only reserved for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, while the more complex ones on the inside 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models will still run you $499 and $549 for out-of-pocket rear window repairs since Apple simply replaces the entire body. For the iPhone 14 Pro models, we therefore recommend using the now unlimited AppleCare+ repairs.

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