The AirPods Max will spoil your ears and Prime Day is a great time to buy a pair

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There are the original AirPods and there are the Pros, and both have an incredibly compact design with a charging case that fits in the small pockets of your jeans, but then there are the AirPods Max.

This is the king of sound quality with a much larger and heavier, over the ear design, these cans have the ease of use and pairing that AirPods are known for, but combine them with the quality of studio monitors.

So we were excited to see that this deal for the AirPods Max is still on the second and final day of the Prime Day shopping event.

Keep in mind that this offer is from Best Buy, which has its own “anti-Prime Day” thing, and currently the AirPods Max are sold out on Amazon, so if you want a good deal and you want it now, here’s about as good as it gets.

In our In our review of the AirPods Max, we summarized the experience with a comfortable fit, an unmistakably “Apple” appearance, excellent noise cancellation, a very detailed sound and a frequency response that is very “safe”. In a nutshell, these are easily recommended for anyone looking for great “cans”. But the $500 starting price is definitely a bit steep and that’s where this new deal comes in handy, so use it while it’s still available.
And if you still have doubts about the AirPods Max, don’t forget that we have an overview of the best headphone deals on Prime Day with some excellent noise canceling headphones there too, at lower prices.

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