Telegram adds speech-to-text for video messages, but you have to pay for it

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Telegram announced a new update that brings some new features for Premium users and some visual changes that are available to everyone. The main change in the update is the addition of speech-to-text for video messaging, which is now available for Telegram Premium users.

Previously, subscribers could convert any voice message to text, but the latest update adds the same functionality to video messages. If you pay for Premium, you can now immediately receive a text transcript of a video message.

In addition, Telegram introduced Topics in Groups, a new feature that allows groups with more than 200 members to enable topics and create separate spaces for each topic. The new feature works as individual chats within the group and supports their own shared media and notification settings.

Another interesting new feature in the update, the collectible username is intended to make it easy for others to contact Telegram users or find their public groups in channels. In addition to one basic username, Telegram users can now assign multiple collectable usernames to each of their accounts and public chats. These can be less than 5 characters long and can be traded via blockchain.

Once again, Telegram shows emoji fans a lot of love. The latest update adds 12 new emoji packs available to Premium users, some made especially for Halloween.

Telegram users on iOS get a redesigned night mode. Dark themes have been updated to make colors more balanced with better blur effects as users scroll in chats and the chat list.

As for Android users, the update introduces new options to resize text. If you want to increase the size of chat text, including link examples, reply headers, and more, find the new functionality in Chat Settings.

Finally, some minor design improvements have also been made. For example, a new animation has been added when you swipe left to answer. Tapping on a user’s phone number on their profile page will now open a new menu with several call options.

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