“Tap to Pay” Now Rolling Out to US Coast-to-Coast Apple Stores

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In February, Apple introduced “Tap to Pay,” a new feature that allows a merchant with an iPhone to accept payments for an Apple Pay product or service, credit cards, or digital wallets without the merchant having to use hardware other than the iPhone. “Tap to Pay” will roll out in all US-based Apple Stores from coast to coast after that debuted at the Apple Park Visitor Center last week.
The feature, a direct challenge to other mobile point-of-sale devices made by companies like Square, uses Near Field Communications, or NFC. It might get its start in the US on the Apple Store, but Apple offers it to US companies that want to use the platform. While Apple Stores used modified iPhone devices to accept credit cards, now only an iPhone handset with the latest version of iOS is required to use a customer’s card.
Moreover, anyone with an updated Apple iPhone with the latest version of iOS can make a secure payment to a person or a company. Developers can add the feature to their iOS apps. Stripe, an online payment processing company, was the first to sign up to use “Tap to Pay.”

In February, when “Tap to Pay” was announced, Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, said in a statement that “‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhone will provide businesses with a secure, personal and convenient way to connect contactless. payments and unlock new checkout experiences.”

“Tap to Pay” works on the 2018 Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or later. The customer is asked to hold their phone or Apple Watch and a contactless credit or debit card with the merchant’s iPhone and is notified via NFC. completed the transaction.

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