T-Mobile has locked and loaded another ‘Un-carrier move’ (yes, already)

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Much criticized for having followed the competition’s lead in the wrong way in recent months and greatly reduced the impact of the once disruptive Un-carrier program in recent years, T-Mobile has another big “move” planned for tomorrow.

Yes, Mike Sievert, Magenta’s CEO, will be announcing something “via video” tomorrow, June 16, at 7 a.m. Pacific Time, and is the country’s second-largest wireless service provider according to subscribers. just today to tell us that
There are no details or even helpful hints to help us unravel the mystery of this “Next Un-carrier Move”, and while Sievert technically did start building hype around “something big headed to customers” on Twitter yesterday, that teaser was also very vague.
In short, we have no idea what could be coming, which is equally exciting… and disturbing. We very much doubt that T-Mo will revolutionize the wireless industry with so little advance notice and real buzz around this event, which also comes a little early after that. the May 4 introduction of a broad Internet Freedom Program for Consumers and Small Businesses.
That wasn’t the most exciting “Un-carrier” announcement in recent memory, either, and it certainly got a (slightly) longer, louder and more detailed buzz-building campaign. In other words, it’s probably wise not to get too excited just yet, although at least we can be anything but sure. T-Mobile’s Home Internet service will be out of the spotlight this time around.

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