T-Mobile exceeds our expectations with a great new ‘Un-carrier’ move

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After years and years of repeatedly and regularly pushing the boundaries of the stagnant US wireless industry (and the buds of its arch-rivals in the process), T-Mobile may have been getting a little lazy lately, shifting its focus almost entirely from unmatched users. benefits for network upgrades, many of which: not exactly easy to experience.

But after a frustratingly long run of largely disappointing “Un-carrier” announcements, Magenta is ready to make another disruptive move. revealed with surprisingly little fanfare, T-Mo’s Coverage outside program actually looks like something the masses will use and thoroughly enjoy launching this summer… all for free.

The international 5G war has begun

remember how AT&T made headlines in March for offering 5G roaming in “35+ international destinations?” That was a pretty impressive and unmatched expansion at the time, but look, T-Mobile is taking things to the next level today… kind of.

If you are a Magenta Max or Business Unlimited Ultimate subscriber, you get 5 gigs of free (!!!) “high-speed” data every month for use in 210+ (!!!!!) “countries and destinations” from June 21st with absolutely no hoops to jump through and no passes (cough, AT&T, cough).

While 5G speeds are clearly not guaranteed in any of these international markets, this new advantage will likely prove to be much more convenient than what T-Mo’s competition offers outside the US, and predictably, it’s not all that the “Un- carrier” will launch on June 21.

The exact same freebie will be available to customers with non-Max Magenta and “most” business plans in 11 European countries, including Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, and above all everyone should enjoy a standard speed increase from 128 to 256 kbps in all 210+ countries and destinations “covered” by T-Mobile.

That may not sound like a staggering number, but it’s a 100 percent upgrade, and T-Mobile assures you it’ll be enough to meet your “basic navigation and email” needs from the moment you land. gets into a foreign area.

The travel benefits don’t stop there

Because T-Mobile knows that the perfect vacation starts with a nice, relaxing and entertaining flight, its wireless service will also reach the largest US carriers on June 21 for non-stop texting, browsing, emailing and even streaming.

That’s right, the “Un-carrier” covers your entire flight for free…if you’re a Magenta Max or Business Unlimited Ultimate subscriber, starting with “select” Delta, American and Alaska Airlines flights and expanding soon also for United Airlines.

While there are no real references to speeds as to this benefit, that promise of streaming for all flights certainly sounds encouraging, even if it does come with its own “where available” disclaimer.

The offer drops to free connectivity for all flights on four flights of your choice per year and then a free hour on all subsequent flights if you’re a regular Magenta or Business Unlimited Advanced customer, which isn’t too bad either.

Also not bad the free AAA (American Automobile Association) Classic or Basic membership that you get as part of the T-Mobile Tuesdays program on June 21 (ie, next Tuesday) simply because you are a loyal customer.

With this benefit, T-Mo essentially aims to make your car journeys as safe as your air travel entertaining, and somewhat related, you can also buy cheap(er) gasoline with increased Shell discounts of 25 cents per gallon (up to 20 gallons) every Tuesday from next week through “Labor Day week.”

That’s impeccable timing across the board, and the same is, of course, true of the latest promotion unveiled today, bringing customers of T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile score exclusive savings on hotels, rental cars and airline tickets (among others) via a special travel website developed in close collaboration with Priceline. What’s left to say but “wow” and safe travels, everyone?

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