T-Mobile can bribe Sprint customers to switch to its network as soon as possible

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T-Mobile and Sprint merged in April 2020, and the former has encouraged customers of the latter to buy its SIM cards. Sprint’s LTE Network will close on June 30, and as of August 2021, a third of Sprint customers had switched to T-Mobile, and the company had said the rest would migrate by the mid-2022 deadline. To achieve that goal, T-Mobile can offer account balances to Sprint customers who can’t let go of their old SIM card.
The T-Mo Report says it has seen an internal document suggesting that Sprint customers who still haven’t switched to a T-Mobile SIM card, a process the Un-carrier calls the “T-Mobile Network Experience” or “TNX” for short , incentives are offered by T-Mobile.

Apparently, Sprint customers who haven’t TNX’d their lines yet will get a $10 credit per line in exchange for a switch to T-Mobile’s SIM cards. The move to T-Mobile will allow Sprint customers to take full advantage of the towers and bands.

Back to the rumored offer, for example, a five-line Sprint account gets $50 in account credit for switching to T-Mobile. The catch here is that all lines using Sprint’s SIMS will have to make the switch or you won’t get bill credit. The offer will apparently go into effect on June 30. You must use TNX within the promotional period and you can expect credits within 1-2 billing cycles.

T-Mobile has already discontinued Sprint’s 3G CDMA network and recently introduced a technology called Voice over 5G New Radio technology, or VoNR, which allows for faster call setup times and better call quality compared to 4G Voice over LTE or VoLTE.

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