Strange Apple Music bug eradicated by iOS 15.6 beta 2; is it worth installing the beta?

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As bugs go, this is more of a minor annoyance than anything else, but there is an issue with Apple Music in iOS 15 that will be addressed by Apple. This strange bug puts the Apple Music icon back on your home screen dock once it’s reinstalled, even if you’ve uninstalled the music streamer from your phone before. As far as bugs go, it’s not that bad.

Still, Apple has made a fix for this bug discovered by YouTuber Aaron Zollo (through 9to5Mac† Zollo noted that after installing iOS 15.6 beta 2 on an iPhone, reinstalling Apple Music will place the icon where it belongs, which is on the last page of the home screen. When the bug was first discovered, some believed that Apple was using the icon’s placement on the dock to shine a light and promote its Apple Music streaming service over its biggest competitor Spotify.
But code discovered by 9to5Mac revealed that it was not a self-service promotion made by Apple, but indeed a bug that caused the Apple Music icon to reappear in the home screen dock when reinstalled.

This bug doesn’t seem worth installing iOS 15 beta 2, mainly because it’s not a stable version of the software and reverting to the stable version of iOS 15 will force you to do a factory reset if you don’t do it in time. does fashion. The best bet would be to wait for iOS 15.6 to be released, which should be very soon. The company told 9to5Mac that it is investigating the bug that has now been fixed with iOS 15.6.

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