Spotify’s latest marketing move in the US concerns audiobooks

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Spotify has always been one of the first streaming services to embrace new trends that can be adapted to the business model. After joining the podcast industry a while ago, Spotify announced today that it would start offering its customers audiobook experiences.

The good news is that there are about 300,000 audiobooks available to listen to via Spotify. The bad news is that these are only available in the United States for now. Obviously, these audiobook experiences are not offered for free, regardless of whether you are a Premium subscriber or not.

A new audiobooks section will be visible on Spotify in the United States, alongside music and podcasts in each user’s library, search results, and their curated recommendations on Home. In addition, audiobooks are displayed with a lock icon on the play button, which means that they must be purchased in order to listen.

The audiobook experience comes with several useful features to further enhance the immersion. For starters, Spotify users can download audiobooks for offline listening, and the service’s automatic bookmarking feature allows them to pick up where they left off.

Another important feature is the ability to adjust the speed to your liking. Finally, Spotify included a rating feature, which publicly displays the book’s overall rating.

While audiobooks are currently only available in the United States, Spotify has announced that it will act as a test for its new company, and if it proves successful, it will launch it in other markets.

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