Spotify is working on a community page that will show you what your friends are listening to in real time

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Spotify has steadily evolved over the past few months, from testing more podcast features (such as a separate tab for podcasts still in the making) to aim for conquer the audiobook market. It seems that the music streaming platform has another area where it sees more growth potential: the social aspect. Android Police now reports Spotify is working on adding a new Community tab that will let you see what your Facebook friends are listening to.

Spotify is working on a Community tab so you can see what your friends are listening to

The feature was first noticed by Chirs Messina and he shared it in a short preview on Twitter† Since then, Spotify has confirmed that the feature is still in its infancy (via TechCrunch

So what is this feature about (at least for now)? The Community page is similar to the Friend Activity sidebar in the desktop version of Spotify. The page allows you to keep track of what your friends are listening to in real time. Well, it basically pulls the list of songs from your friends’ Facebook accounts – if they are connected to the app.

You can preview the tab if you have an iPhone: open Safari, navigate to “spotify:community” from the address bar, then tap the button to open the Spotify app. This shortcut doesn’t work in Chrome on Android so far, so for now only iPhone users can glimpse the new page (it’s not finished, by the way, as it’s still in its infancy).

Given that this feature is still in its infancy, it’s unknown how much time Spotify will need to refine and release it as part of an official update. So it may take a while before you can view your friends’ music preferences in the app.

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