Soon Facebook will finally be able to let you have more than one profile on its platform

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Having multiple profiles on Facebook has been banned for years. According to social media, each user can only have one profile. Of course you can have more than one account if you want, but you have to register your other profiles with different emails. And needless to say, this isn’t something Facebook encourages you to do. However, Facebook’s one profile per user policy may soon be a thing of the past TechCrunch First reported, Facebook is currently testing a new feature that allows you to associate up to five separate profiles with one account. The idea is that you have special profiles for specific groups. For example, you can make one for your friends and another for your colleagues. According to Facebook, you can also easily switch between all your profiles. In addition, you can choose any username for your additional profiles. The only requirement is that the names you choose are unique and do not contain numbers or special characters. However, your main profile – the profile you use in your daily life – should still use your own name.

Also, some features of the platform will remain available only to your main profile. For example, if you want to create and manage a Facebook page and use Facebook’s dating service, you must use your main profile.

But whether you use the main profile or an additional profile, you still have to comply with Facebook’s policies. If you receive a violation on one of your secondary profiles, it will affect your entire account. Multiple violations of one of your profiles can still result in a ban for your entire account. According to Facebook, this rule will protect its platform from people who abuse the system.

At the moment – as it is still being tested – there is no information on when Facebook will release the ability to have up to five profiles on its platform. Presumably, this new feature is another attempt by Facebook to prevent its users from jumping. The social media is currently in a downturn and losing its users mainly to TikTok. However, we are skeptical that the ability to have multiple profiles on Facebook will make users stay and use the platform longer. We don’t think that will be a very useful feature either. But hey, we think we’ll see when Facebook releases it.

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