Sony’s unconventional LinkBuds are already heavily discounted in ‘like new’ condition

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Known among audiophiles, especially for the impossibly named WF-1000XM and WH-1000XM families of noise canceling earbuds and over-ear headphones, respectively, Sony surprised us all with the February announcement of the very first LinkBuds.

In addition to their much simpler and catchier name, these decidedly unusual true wireless earbuds attracted quite a bit of attention with a… unique design, which actually look like little musical donuts, complete with large holes (considering their overall size) intended to assist wearers. remain “authenticly connected to everyday life” while listening to their favorite tunes.

It’s of course not entirely clear how much of that attention (or should we say curiosity?) translated into actual sales, but especially after the introduction of the more “normal”, more expensive and slightly more expensive $200 LinkBuds S, we’re certainly not shocked to see the non-S model scoring a hefty eBay discount.

Bargain hunters can currently get both the gray and white versions for a measly $99.99 a pair, saving them a whopping $80 compared to the regular price of brand new units. Unsurprisingly, this discount applies to “seller-refurbished” units that are guaranteed to “function as new” while showing “minimal or no signs of wear.”

That sounds pretty enticing, and given the very young age of the first-generation Sony LinkBuds, it’s likely an accurate description of the cosmetic and working condition of these extremely affordable products sold by eBay’s top-rated retailer Secondipity.

Keep in mind that the LinkBuds don’t offer state-of-the-art active noise canceling technology (for fairly obvious reasons), but instead promise to “mix ambient sound naturally with digital sound” while keeping your tunes up to 5 .5 hours between charges, extending battery life to 17.5 hours when taking into account the charging case, protecting you from splashes and sweat and staying nice and safe in your ears for the longest possible listening sessions.

The These bad guys aren’t the best true wireless earbuds in the world, but they might be the quirkiest, and we certainly don’t mean that in a bad way.

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