Sony says smartphone cameras will soon produce better images than DSLR cameras

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When it comes time to capture an important event by taking a photo of it or capturing it on video, use the camera array on your smartphone or turn to a dedicated SLR camera to perform these tasks to feed? Smartphone photography has come such a long way that today most consumers are willing to rely on their handsets to deliver excellent family photos.

One executive who has a great vantage point to show him the future of smartphone photography is the president and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS), Terushi Shimizu. The executive leads the team that is the leading supplier of image sensors for smartphones and as a result, Shimizu has a unique take on what is happening in the industry. According to a report in Nikkei Japan (through android authority), Shimizu says that “still images (from smartphones) will surpass the image quality of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras in the coming years.”
An SLR camera uses a combination of mirrors and prisms so that the image seen through the viewfinder is the same image captured by the photographer. DSLR cameras are single-lens digital SLRs that use image sensors instead of film. Sony’s Shimizu made his comment at an industry conference, and a slide from that event shows that Sony expects the quality of smartphone camera images to surpass that of interchangeable-lens (ILC) cameras by the calendar year 2024.

That’s like saying that within two years smartphone camera images will surpass DSLR and mirrorless cameras. One of the reasons for the improvement is an increase in the size of image sensors to more than one inch, allowing them to capture more data. Sony has also created a new texture that saturates each pixel with twice as much light to create more dynamic range while reducing noise in photos shot in low light.

Smartphone cameras are getting quite adept at collecting more light, and with processing capabilities powered by AI and Machine Learning, nothing is impossible. A few years ago, did you ever think that your smartphone camera could produce better photos than the expensive SLR that collects dust in your hallway closet?

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