Someone got their hands on a perfectly usable Pixel 7 Pro prototype

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Google gave us an early look at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro at its May I/O conference. Although the phones will not be officially released until the fall, there are already some prototypes on the market. A few days ago, a Pixel 7 unit appeared on eBay and now someone is claiming they got the Pro model from Facebook Marketplace.
reddit user AMC20_ says they were under the impression that they bought the Pixel 6 Pro since the prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro was listed as such. As official images shared by Google have revealed, the Pixel 6 Pro and its successor share the same overall look, but they’re different enough to distinguish them. For example, the phone has an updated horizontal aluminum camera bar with a pill-shaped cutout for the lenses.
When the Pixel 7 was spotted on eBay, the accompanying images had indicated that a Pixel 7 Pro unit was being used to create an image of its smaller sibling, so it was only a matter of time before someone caught it. got hold of.
AMC20_ used the device for three weeks before Google got wind of it and wiped the phone to make it useless. As noted by Esper’sMishal Rahman on Twitter, Google was probably able to identify the Pixel 7 Pro prototype by its markings.
Now when they try to turn on the phone, they are redirected to Android’s quick boot recovery menu, which confirms previously leaked information such as the device codenamed Cheeta and featuring a Samsung-made modem. According to a separate report, the second-generation Tensor chip of the Pixel 7 series are also made by Samsung.
Apparently, Pixel 7 prototypes are sold freely on Facebook, and how they got there is anyone’s guess. Before the Pixel Watch was unveiled by Google last month, someone found a abandoned unit in a restaurant so it’s hard to tell if google is just irresponsible or if these things are done on purpose.
Much is still unknown about the Pixel 7 phones, such as the exact camera specs and battery capacities, and this should help keep some mystery alive around the Pixel 7 series ahead of their rumored October announcement. There is also a possibility that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will be accompanied by a third, more premium model, so maybe this is the secret Google is trying to distract us from by drawing attention to the other two models.

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