Snapchatters can now promote their eBay listings directly on Snapchat

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You have something you want to sell on eBay, why not use Snapchat’s latest feature to promote what you’re selling? The social media platform recently announced that are, users can now use the Snapchat camera on Android and iOS to share eBay listings directly in their Snaps.

To use the feature, open the eBay app and choose a listing. After that, tap the Share icon and choose to share via ‘Snapchat’. Then your phone will instantly open the Snapchat camera with the automated eBay sticker.

When you’re in the Snapchat app, just create a Snap with the eBay sticker, decorate it a bit using the app’s creative tools, then send the Snap to your story to promote what you’re selling or just to your friends to share what do you want to buy.

In the announcement, Snapchat also shared a link to its Firebase extension that developers can use in their apps to create similar sharing experiences. So it’s possible that Snapchatters will soon be able to share offers from more websites similar to eBay.

With the new eBay integration, Snapchat joins other social media platforms by giving sellers the opportunity to promote their products. Facebook has its Marketplace and TikTok, with its Square partnership, also allows suppliers to create short videos promoting their products.

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