Snapchat is said to be developing “Family Center”, the version of parental controls

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In October 2021, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel teased that Snapchat plans to introduce parental controls on the platform, which would give parents a better understanding of how their kids are using the app. Now, new screenshots taken by the product intelligence company watchful and shared with TechCrunch indicate that Snapchat is indeed developing such a feature.

From the photos, we understand that Snapchat’s parental controls are called “Family Center” and will allow parents to do several things. First, they can find out who their teen’s friends are by opening their kid’s friends list. This is unique in that you cannot see other people’s contacts on Snapchat. Second, parents can see who their teen chatted with in the past seven days. However, they cannot open and read the chats.

Third, parents can help their teens report abuse and harassment when needed.

But for all these things mentioned above to happen, teens have to give their consent first. Yes, if parents want to see what their children are doing on the platform, they must first invite them to their ‘Family Center’. The recipient of the invitation can accept or decline it.

Please note that “Family Center” is currently under development and the latter feature may differ from what is described here. But even if there are indeed some changes, chances are the feature will look more or less the same. Currently, minors’ accounts on Snapchat are private and will not appear in search results or as friend suggestions unless they share friends. Also, young people have to accept each other as friends before they can start chatting.

According to Snap’s NewFronts presentation to advertisers, the Snapchat app now reaches more than 75% of 13- to 34-year-olds in more than 20 countries, and 80 percent of Gen Z (10-25 years) in the United States had at least one from Snap’s original series. It’s safe to say that parental controls within the app are long overdue.

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