‘Select’ T-Mobile customers can now get a ‘win-win’ deal for themselves and their friends

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If you’ve been with T-Mobile for a while, you probably already know that the “Un-carrier” tends to have all its customer service errors, random network errors, and far too common data breaches with possibly the best deals, biggest discounts and coolest freebies in the US wireless sector.

Some of these aren’t even advertised very aggressively, like a new Insider code dissemination campaign that kicked off last week, that’s just now doing the rounds on Reddit thanks to the always reliable people at The T-Mo Report†

The perennially resourceful publication has managed to get hold of some internal documents confirming the promotion’s launch date on May 24 and detailing practically all the terms, conditions, and incredible benefits.

In short, lucky existing T-Mo subscribers have been receiving emails in recent days with 20 percent discount codes for new customers and $50 virtual prepaid MasterCards for themselves. Of course, to get the latter gift, you’ll first need to convince a friend or family member to port their existing number from a carrier like Verizon or AT&T to T-Mobile, at the time, said new subscribers saved 20 percent on their monthly bill for LIFE.

No refunds, no erases, no fine print… as long as you’re okay with opting for a Magenta MAX plan that normally costs $85 per month for one line of fully unlimited wireless service. As you can imagine, T-Mobile does not accept number porting from Sprint or Metro, and while this isn’t described in the newly unearthed documents, the “select” customers eligible for the new Insider deal are “Insiders.” yourself .

That most likely includes people who have received discount codes from employees at the beginning of the year and other customers who have joined T-Mo in the past under similar circumstances. Unfortunately, the only way to know if you can claim $50 for yourself and a 20 percent lifetime service discount for someone else is to check your email.
If you’re lucky you’ll get a special code there to share with a loved one (or any person on Reddit), and of course you can expect your sweet referral reward there too when the above code has actually been used for a port-in and activation of a new subscription. Yes, it really is that simple!

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