Secretlab MAGRGB smart light strip review

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If there’s one thing our Secretlab MAGRGB smart light strip review taught us, it’s that it’s often the simplest products that provide the best solutions. For example, when it comes to game desks, or at least game desks without RGB lighting, a simple but highly customizable light strip would be more than adequate, as long as it’s done right and right.

Two factors make the Secretlab MAGRGB smart light strip a brilliant, possibly all-in-one solution for gaming desk lighting: it delivers powerful, highly customizable lighting and uses magnets instead of pesky glues. Those two things make it a great choice for anyone looking to spice up their gaming setup with dynamic RGB lighting without going over the top. And they don’t even need the Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk to work, even though it was designed specifically for that desk.

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