Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy Buds Pro (with full warranty) are insanely cheap for a limited time

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Normally priced at $200, currently discounted to no more than $30 at retailers such as Amazon, and recently discounted to as little as $120 by Walmart, the noise canceling Galaxy Buds Pro could potentially drop dangerously close to $100 during next week’s extension Prime Day festivities.

But if you expect to see maybe the best Samsung Galaxy Buds edition out there, well under one Benjamin (with or without Prime membership) ahead of the Buds Pro 2 (or Buds 2 Pro) will be announced in a few weeks, you’ll probably be in for a nasty surprise on July 12 and 13.
Fortunately (and unbelievably enough), you can already get these bad guys for a measly $74.99, though you may have to decide relatively quickly whether you’re okay with choosing “grade A” refurbished units or if you’d rather wait and see. how low will those brand new prices indeed go next tuesday.

Technically, it would still be two months away at the time of writing, but Woot’s latest refurb Buds Pro deal could well disappear in a few days (if not hours) due to undoubted high demand.

While we’re clearly taking a guess here, it’s based on the fact that the “phantom silver” and “phantom violet” flavors are already out of stock, leaving bargain hunters with a single (stylish) option: Phantom Black.
In addition to offering “as good as new” functionality and showing only “minimal cosmetic damage” that is virtually unnoticeable when “kept at bay”, your ultra-affordable Galaxy Buds Pros come with a 1-year eReplacements warranty at no extra cost , which should definitely help close the deal for many of our readers interested in saving as much money as possible on some of the best possible wireless earbuds.
Whether you compare these puppies to Samsung’s newer Galaxy Buds 2 or Apple’s insanely popular AirPods Pro, you’ll find the list of features simply irresistible (at this insanely low price), including everything from state-of-the-art active noise cancellation to top-notch IPX7 water resistance, great battery life, top-notch sound, and crystal-clear calls.

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