Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro each get a cool new metal band option

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If you are thinking of buying one Samsung’s latest smartwatches for Christmas, but it felt like the company’s official selection of Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro bands was a bit lacking compared to the competition, there are two interesting new options you might want to consider.

While one is reasonably priced, at $99.99 a pop in black and silver colors, as well as small/medium and medium/large sizes, the other now costs a whopping $299.99 in the US.

That’s more than you’d normally cough up for a GPS-only entry-level model Galaxy Watch 5 variant, and we don’t even consider the early Black Friday deals offered by retailers like Best Buy that could well improve as the month progresses and the winter holidays draw closer.
Of course, Samsung’s internal titanium metal link bracelet is made exclusively for use in addition to the premium Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which usually starts at a higher price of $450 with a rugged titanium build and much better battery life than its non-Pro sibling.
Still, $299.99 remains a tough pill to swallow, even for Watch 5 Pro owners (current and future), but if it makes you feel better, Apple Watch users will have to pay $349 and $449 for a comparable link bracelet. in silver and space black tones respectively. Samsung’s metal link bracelet, mind you, is the same price in gray and black colors and a single medium/large size option that promises “easy length adjustment without special tools.”
Unfortunately, the significantly cheaper new Milanese band (also made of metal) is apparently not made to combine with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but instead on “regular” Watch 5 and Watch 4 owners only for the exact same price as Apple’s silver, graphite and gold Milanese Loop versions that are however compatible with “most” Apple Watch models.

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