Samsung’s classic Galaxy S20 and S20 FE are only on sale today at irresistible prices

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If you are on a tight budget and are currently hesitating between something like Samsung’s Galaxy A53 5G and Google’s Pixel 6a for your next Android device purchase, you might want to take a moment and consider the Galaxy S20 and S20 FE as well.

These two powerhouses released in 2020 are arguably even more impressive than many of the best mid-range phones out there, and if you know where to look (and also when), they can also be cheaper than today’s top affordable options in the US
Today you should spend about $250 on your pick of the two high-end refurbished devices at Woot, where these Snapdragon 865 bad boys have never been cheaper.

Although they are sold with a “moderate” level of wear and tear “including (but not limited to) scratches, dings and dings”, the heavily discounted Galaxy S20 series phones are guaranteed to come in “fully working” condition, backed by a 90-day seller guarantee, which is pretty much the best scenario you can hope for when buying such an old product.

The 5G-enabled S20 and S20 FE, of course, continue to defy their old age on many levels, sharing the same snappy (in 2022 mid-range standards, at least) aforementioned processor when running. Android 12 on the software side of things and looking for an official Android 13 promotion sometime next year.
It is not surprising that the “vanilla” Galaxy S20 is (slightly) more expensive than its Fan Edition cousin, at $259.99 compared to $249.99, with the $10 difference being more than justified when you consider the sharper screen, higher quality build and superior performance. camera system of the more expensive model.
The Galaxy S20 FE, meanwhile, comes with a bigger screen and bigger battery, which we’re pretty sure many of you will see as a more crucial strength than its (marginal) affordability advantage.

All in all, both cheap refurbished Android Soldiers look like great bargains right now, and since Woot’s great new deals expire at the end of the day, you’d be lucky if you get either one in every option. (of which a whole range is available at the time of writing).

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