Samsung T7 Shield 1TB external SSD review

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The Samsung T7 Shield is an external robust SSD and is the third member of the T7 family, after the T7 and the T7 Touch launched in 2020; a long pause. The latter left a lasting impression on us as it brought with it a feature never available at this price: a fingerprint reader. The T7 Shield does the opposite; it brings a fairly common feature for a higher price without bothering with anything else. Yes, it’s a bit more robust and yes, the performance is decent without being exceptional. Ditto for the 3-year warranty. Aside from the brand behind it, there aren’t many compelling reasons why you should buy the T7 Shield when there are a plethora of viable alternatives out there.

Samsung T7 Shield: Pricing and Availability

The T7 shield is available in black, blue and beige and in 1TB and 2TB capacities for $159.99 (£134.79 / approximately AU$224) and $289.99 (£250.99 / approximately AU$406) respectively ; there are no 500GB or 4TB models.

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