Samsung starts mass production of Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 components

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Whether you’ve decided this will be the year you buy a foldable phone, or you’re looking forward to updating your current Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy Z Flip model, Samsung has started building the next iteration of both. . of its foldable devices. According to SamMobileSamsung has started to mass-produce the core components needed for every phone.
Samsung reportedly expects to ship 10 million units of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 this year. The latter is a pocket-sized device with a small display on the outside for messages and notifications. When you need to make a call, open an app, or play a game, flip open the screen and you’ll see a large screen the size of a smartphone (6.7 inches on the Galaxy Z Flip 3).

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 opens from a smartphone-sized external screen (6.2 inches on the Galaxy Z Fold 3) to a massive tablet-sized screen (7.6 inches on the Galaxy Z Fold 3). While the Galaxy Z Flip is about a device that sits comfortably in your pocket until a phone is needed, the Galaxy Z Fold is for those who prefer a larger screen for watching streaming media, for work-related use, or for viewing. another reason.

Since the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was the most popular of Sammy’s two foldable models last year, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 could account for 70% of the company’s foldable phone production this year, making the Galaxy Z Fold 4 the would account for the remaining 30% of production. production.

If Samsung ships 10 million foldable phones this year, such handsets will make up 1% of all smartphones shipped worldwide for the first time. It could be a major turning point for foldable phones, even if the price is still a long way off before foldable handsets become more competitive when it comes to price. The price of components needs to fall much more than it has been and as the years go by, it will.

But for now, Samsung is accepting a lower 15% profit margin on its foldable Galaxy Z phones than the 20% margin it is aiming for with the Galaxy S line. By generating a lower profit margin on its foldables, Samsung can price these phones at a price more acceptable to consumers.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 could both be introduced in August.

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