Samsung shows wild foldable devices and an 8″-12″ vertical slider during Display Week 2022

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For the first time in three years, the Display week 2022 expo participates on location and Samsung is a key participant with its new crop of foldable and sliding OLED screens. In addition to the dual folding designs like Flex G or Flex S that Samsung showcased at the CES event in January, Samsung also had a lot more to show this time around.

As you can see in the promo video above, it has both vertical and wide sliding concepts to showcase, as well as some eye-care, halo-free, and true-black marketing buzzwords to deliver.
SamsungThe next generation of flexible, roll-up or sliding display prototypes should be viewed with close attention, as some of them will inevitably come to fruition, as the Fold and Flip lines have now clearly demonstrated, after a few minutes in the prototype and demo phase to have been show industry exhibitions in a row:
  • Samsung Flex Bar: horizontal folders as in the Z Flip line.
  • Samsung Flex Square: vertical folders like the Z Fold series.
  • Samsung Flex G: Triple foldable device whose shorter ends overlap, the screen can be folded inwards or outwards.
  • Samsung Flex S: A simpler tri-fold structure with three equal parts that unfold to a widescreen format.
  • Samsung Flex Note: A foldable laptop whose halves can be used as both a screen and input area.
  • Samsung Flex Slide: A sliding screen whose two ends can be pulled apart to form a larger panel.
  • Samsung Flex Roll: A rollable display device where most of the screen can be tucked away on one side when not needed.

Some of these concepts and the foldable prototypes that Samsung has developed seem to overlap with the naming scheme, as the G and S are both basically triple foldable device prototypes with many patents granted, for example, or the Roll and Slide options.

Samsung’s new concepts are in the sliding screen category as it showcased a 6.7-inch vertical slider, says SamMobilethat extends upwards to create a larger browser, as well as a horizontal slider that can grow from an 8.1″ to a 12.4″ screen diagonal.

Anyway, the Display Week 2022 expo in San Jose is in full swing and many more exciting form factors will be hitting the show floor, and not just by Samsung.

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