Samsung Reportedly Introducing a “Lavender Purple” Color Option in the Galaxy S22 Lineup

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Exclusive mid-release color options seem to be all the rage these days. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max got one in the shape of Alpine Green. Given the success of the latter, it is no wonder that Samsung uses a similar formula.

The lineup of the Samsung Galaxy S22 was released in February. We’re almost 6 months past that date and many would-be Galaxy owners may be on the fence – they could be split between buying a half-year-old headset right away (possibly even at a better price) or waiting another 6 months. for the latest and greatest.

This is undoubtedly a difficult decision. That’s why Samsung does its best to make it a little easier by enticing customers into an immediate purchase. Enter a new color option for the Samsung Galaxy S22 range – Lavender Purple.

Speculation about a purple color option for the Galaxy S22 smartphone range first surfaced in June. This time, the information comes from prominent Samsung leaker IceUniverse, who shared this new tip on Twitter† Given IceUniverse’s proven track record when it comes to Samsung products, we tend to believe in the credibility of the leak.

Currently, additional information about the new Lavender Purple color option (if that becomes the official name) is scarce. There has been no mention of a possible release date. Nevertheless, the launch should be in the near future, based on the timeline of the release cycle.

In any case, purple is a unique smartphone color option that is sure to turn heads. But there may be more to this decision. Given the plethora of rumors pointing to a possible purple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Samsung’s color choice isn’t entirely surprising. Purple flagships are coming.

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