Samsung plans to bring a new color to its smartphone lineup. Rumors claim it’s going to be purple.

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Samsung has started the countdown to the start of its #YouMake project. The event promises exclusive offers and, perhaps most interestingly, new limited edition colors for existing Samsung smartphones.

This is in line with previous leaks in recent weeks that Samsung will unveil a new shade of purple for its Galaxy S22 range. Most leakers claim that the new color has been named ‘Bora Purple’.

Roland Quandt, a prominent Samsung tipster with an almost impeccable track record, shared information via Twitter about the supposedly upcoming color option. He has also published (in German) a special article on the matter including renders.

Quandt is confident that the new color will come to the entire S22 range. It should be noted that Samsung has not yet indicated which smartphones will get the new color.

It’s also not entirely clear whether the new color option will be available for a limited time, or if it will be a standard mid-release cycle color refresh. Conflicting information is presented.

Nevertheless, mid-release color options have become quite a successful trend in the smartphone world. Apple’s Alpine Green shade for the iPhone 13 Pro range caused a stir when it was first released.

It’s also interesting to recognize that the color purple (pun intended) may not be entirely random. Most leakers have pointed to a possible purple color option for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Purple flagships are coming.

The #YouMake project is currently happening exclusively in South Korea, but it’s very possible that the new color option (whether or not it becomes Bora Purple) will also make its way to the rest of the world. After all, who doesn’t love more colour?

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