Samsung may release a new charger alongside the Galaxy S23 series

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In February 2023 we expect Samsung announces the new . at Galaxy S23 lineup. But with its new S-series, the tech giant may also unveil a new wireless charger.

A Dutch publication called Galaxy Club got information that Samsung is currently working on a “Wireless Charger Hub” that – since it carries the word “hub” – should be able to charge a few devices at once. Furthermore, the rumor mill says that Samsung is working on a new charger with model number EP-P9500, which could actually be the same device that the folks at GalaxyClub are talking about. Of course, the EP-P9500 can also be another gadget without any connection to the GalaxyClub charger.

Unfortunately there is no information about this Wireless Charger Hub. Presumably, if Samsung is indeed working on such a device, it would be something like the Wireless Charger Trio, which the tech giant will launch in 2020 together with the Galaxy Note 20, Z-fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, and Galaxy Buds Live.

The Wireless Charger Trio has a maximum input power of 25 W and an output power of 9 W. However, the unannounced Wireless Charger Hub could potentially have more output power than its predecessor.

When it was released, the Wireless Charger Trio was priced at $99, so while we don’t know the price of the Wireless Charger Hub yet, don’t expect it to drop below $100. However, we’re sure we’ll see more in the coming months. will find out about this alleged Samsung charger.

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