Samsung may be working on a special processor for the Galaxy S25

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Samsung is reportedly in the process of developing a dedicated processor for the Galaxy S series. Rumors claim that the chipset could power the Samsung Galaxy S25.

Samsung is sometimes a very slow learner. While the tech giant is known to occasionally take risks and experiment with new technology, the same company sometimes dogmatically clings to ideals that are best forgotten.

This time, Samsung finally seems to be learning another tough truth the hard way. Raw power will never surpass optimization, both in terms of longevity and future-proofing. Apple has known about this little secret for quite some time and now it looks like Samsung is catching up.

According to a leak by the prominent tipster Ice universe, the Korean tech giant could finally be working on a true dedicated processor for the Samsung Galaxy range that could make its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S25.

Many will soon argue that Samsung already makes its own processors – the Exynos chipsets. The problem is that, over the years, Samsung has never committed to fine-tuning Exynos so that it can power an entire flagship line itself.

Hence, many Samsung smartphones sometimes come in two variants: one with Snapdragon SoCs and another with Exynos. The Exynos processors use a well-known architecture and have notoriously struggled with thermals and energy efficiency. It’s safe to say that they are now comparable to Apple’s A series.

This could potentially change if Samsung finally makes the necessary effort to develop and refine its own SoC. Such a move could be an important step for the company to consolidate its position in the smartphone market by creating an ecosystem similar to Apple’s.

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