Samsung is working to bring foldable phones to everyday people with Galaxy A Fold and Flip

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Samsung is currently the number one seller of foldable smartphones, accounting for nearly 80 percent of sales, but with competition increasing and rumors that Apple will also release a bendable handset, it’s clear that the South Korean giant will have to fight harder to maintain that spot. . One way to do that would be by introducing cheaper foldable phones and it looks like Samsung is already working on it.
The OG Fold launched in 2019 retailed for $1,980 and although Samsung has since lowered the price to $1,800, the company’s book-like bendable handset is still out of reach for most consumers.

Likewise, the clamshell Z Flip has dropped from $1,380 to $1,000, but is still in the premium range.

Between 2020 and 2021, there were rumors that Samsung would launch a stripped-down version of the Galaxy Fold. The rumors were rekindled this month by a leaker who claimed affordable Samsung phones were back on the table, but hinted they would be part of the affordable Galaxy A series rather than the Z family of foldable phones.

That rumor is supported by the Korean outlet ET News, which has a semi-accurate track record when it comes to leaks. The publication says that Samsung is working on an entry-level foldable smartphone that will cost less than 1 million won (~$771).
Since the phone is likely to be more expensive in other markets due to taxes and duties, we can assume it will sell for over $800. This is roughly in line with those previous rumors that had said theā€¦ Galaxy Fold Lite could start at around $900.
The report adds that Samsung is cutting back by excluding premium features and that the Galaxy A’s foldable lineup will only include core features. Previous reports had said the company’s affordable bendable phones would not feature the Ultra Thin Glass layer found on Samsung’s best foldable phones.

The report also suggests that Samsung will release affordable versions of both the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. The project is currently in the planning and development phase and the company is looking forward to a 2024 release date.

In addition to increasing the competitiveness of its foldable phones, Samsung also apparently wants to increase the form factor sales share within its overall range from single-digit to double-digit. Samsung is clearly putting a lot of effort into this form factor, the biggest sign of which is that it has stopped making the iconic Galaxy Note phones.

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