Samsung is done with the specifications of the Galaxy A54 and A34, to trade quantity for quality

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The The camera specs of the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 have been leaked and it certainly looks like Samsung will go for quality rather than quality in the 2023 edition of its bread-and-butter A-series phones.

We say bread-and-butter because these are the models that Samsung sells the most, making it the world’s largest phone maker with over 20% market share by last count.

According to the ElecSamsung’s sources from Samsung’s supply chain in Korea, the company is ordering better main sensors for the Galaxy A24, A34 and A54 and dropping the useless depth cameras from their predecessors to pay for the changes. After all, Samsung may be anticipating what phones like the Google Pixel 6a could achieve this with just a pair of 12MP cameras, and took a note.

Apparently these were just there to count, as you might have guessed all along, just because a lot of Chinese makers were doing it and Samsung had to follow suit if it wanted to stay competitive in the huge Chinese market.

Samsung Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 camera specifications

  • Galaxy A24 camera: 50MP main camera, 8MP ultra wide angle, 5MP macro camera
  • Galaxy A34 camera: 48MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide, 5MP macro camera
  • Galaxy A54 camera: 50MP main camera, 5MP ultra wide angle, 5MP macro camera
As you can see, the days of tacking cameras just for the count will be over, and compared to the 64MP main and 12MP ultra-wide sensors of the Galaxy A53, for example, Samsung will use sensors with larger pixels that can collect more light and thus take better, sharper photos in low light.
Apparently, after releasing 200MP camera sensors for the phone, Samsung is done with both the megapixel count and the camera’s approach to strength and will go its own way amid the sea of ​​Android manufacturers that are putting cameras on the back of their phones. banging phones like there’s no tomorrow.

It remains to be seen what the market response would be to downsizing this camera, but Samsung’s focus groups have shown that hardly anyone uses the depth camera on their A-series phones and most owners don’t even know they have one.

However, taking sharper, better-exposed photos is sure to leave a lasting impression on the Galaxy A54, A34, and A24 2023 phones launching next spring, and could boost their collective sales beyond their already breathtaking 60 million count. predecessors.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 are now live

Samsung is gearing up to announce the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 at its Unpacked event on August 10, and it may have done with its 2022 foldable devices what it will do with the 2023 A series, by moving on. to better quality camera sensors than their predecessors had. You can reserve yours below.

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