Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Preview: Peak Android

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So it’s almost here – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – the most ambitious phone from the Korean giant and perhaps the most exciting 2022 smartphone in general. With release approaching and we know a lot about it, it’s time to do a preview based on all our information.

Is this upcoming phone that unfolds into a tablet as awesome as any tech aficionado is inclined to expect? Let’s find out…

And stay tuned for the full review here!

What’s new in the Galaxy Z Fold 4

  • Slightly different screen aspect ratio
  • Slimmer and lighter build
  • New Hinge Design
  • Double-sided fingerprint sensor
  • New camera system from the Galaxy S22 line

Galaxy Z Fold 4 specs (unconfirmed)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design & Colors

At first glance, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be no different from the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but in fact some neat quality of life changes have been made to the new model.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will reportedly be lighter at 263 grams, about 10 grams less than its predecessor. And it will be slimmer too, thanks in part to a redesigned, slimmer hinge and the fact that the screen will be shorter and slightly wider, making it a bit better for consuming content. This will of course change the aspect ratio of the screen slightly.

The fingerprint button that was built into the Z Fold 3’s power button moves below the Z Fold 4’s display, so that’s neat. And even cooler – it will presumably be a double-sided fingerprint sensor that will somehow work on both the small outer screen and the inner screen.

We’ve also heard reports of a less pronounced fold – where the Z Fold 4’s foldable screen actually folds in half – that line should now be less visible. Other than that, it becomes a similar, premium, book-like foldable phone (or pretty much a tablet, when unfolded) as before.

As for the color options, we don’t expect anything flashy – the Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in black, gray and beige. Okay, beige might be a little flashy and might not be everyone’s favorite “cool” color, but to be honest, anything is better than just boring black and gray, right?

Galaxy Z Fold 4 screens

The main part that makes this phone as cool as it is – the large, foldable display, will come in a different aspect ratio, making it slightly better for media consumption. We expect a somewhat wider and shorter folding screen, in contrast to the more square screen of the Z Fold 3.

Both the Z Fold 4’s large folding screen and the smaller outer screen will be 120Hz AMOLED screens, meaning a super-smooth Android interface, smooth gaming (and quite a large screen too!), and best of all – vibrant , rich colors with pitch black. So a perfect gaming phone and probably a great media consumption device too, in addition to all the productivity you can achieve with it.

The screen is also said to be brighter and covered in something aptly called “Super Ultra Thin Glass”. That should more than withstand both the supposed (but not included) S Pen stylus and your nails, hopefully!

Stay tuned for our screen measurements and real usage impressions when our Galaxy Z Fold 4 review is done – here.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera

The information is a bit murky about the camera situation we should expect for the upcoming Z Fold 4. We’ve heard rumors that it will get the S22 Ultra’s camera array, which is headed by a 108MP main camera, but they haven’t. sufficiently reliable sources.

Realistically, we can expect a main camera of at least 50MP, and in fact the exact same camera module as the Z Fold 3’s, which was a vertical, pill-shaped camera, with three cameras and a flash.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Android Version

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is going to be a productivity powerhouse just like its predecessors, but we can expect new, even better multitasking features, or at least improvements over the old ones. Running three apps at once in split view, with even more in pop-up windows if you’d like, and having a fixed dock are guaranteed optional features we’ll have.

And of course, my favorite – Samsung DeX – is guaranteed to be on the Z Fold 4. DeX is a handy productivity feature that completely changes the interface of your Samsung phone from that familiar Android interface to something more like Windows or Mac. Especially useful when you connect your Z Fold 4 to an external display and want to take full advantage of that larger display.

Powering all these features would, of course, be Samsung’s own One UI running over Android 12.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery

As we mentioned, Samsung has been working on making the Z Fold 4 slimmer and lighter than its predecessors, so a huge increase in battery size isn’t a realistic expectation. In fact, the Z Fold 4 will supposedly get a small battery reduction to 4,270 mAh (from its predecessor’s 4,400 mAh).

That slight reduction in battery capacity shouldn’t be a problem, though, as the predecessor to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 comfortably lasted a full day. To be precise, in our separate battery benchmarks, it took 8 hours and 15 minutes of web browsing, nearly 7 hours of video streaming, and about 5 hours and 20 minutes of gaming. And that’s at 120 Hz screen refresh rate, which we could always lower to a more traditional 60 Hz, to extend battery life a bit.

So while the Z Fold 4 may fall a little short of the battery life benchmarks of its predecessor, we can still expect a day of battery life. Nothing fancy, but quite usable for such an extravagant phone, with a huge 120Hz screen.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Audio Quality

For now, we can base our expectation on the Z Fold 4’s predecessor, as it’s almost certain they will share the exact same speakers.

The Z Fold 4 has dual speakers, one on each side of the phone, for a perfect stereo experience while gaming or watching videos and movies. We can expect a very competent sound, albeit with fewer mids and even less bass than what we hear from a large, modern iPhone or an iPad.

Fortunately, Samsung always offers the option to tune the sound of your Z Fold with an equalizer built into OneUI, so you can boost the different sound frequencies as you like, or just choose a preset (Normal, Pop, Classic, Jazz , rock).

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