Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in a snazzy new color in ‘limited’ numbers

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While Samsung’s next big Unpacked event is most likely still at least a month away, the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 5G seems to have few secrets after the latest revealing leaks, detailed rumors and extremely reliable reports.

Of course, last-minute surprises and exciting additions to previously disclosed information are always possible, and with three fairly simple Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors already visible a few months ago, it’s actually not that shocking to see Ross Young throwing a potentially flashier fourth shade into the mix today.

Will the Z Fold 4 follow in the footsteps of the S22 Ultra?

While Young, who is almost never wrong about this sort of thing, calls the newly discovered color “Dark Red”, it’s virtually impossible to hear that and not immediately think of the “Burgundy” Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Admittedly, this year’s S Pen-wielding 6.8-inch giant was by no means The very first smartphone from Samsung in a red shade. But we highly doubt that the “Dark Red” Galaxy Z Fold 4 will resemble the “Cloud Red” Galaxy S20 FE or the “Cardinal Red” Galaxy S10+.
The “Mystic Red” Galaxy Note 20 may be a little closer to what the company has in mind here, though obviously we’re just speculating for now based on nothing more than two words tweeted by Ross Youngand in all fairness, this writer’s personal preferences.
Something between Mystic Red and Burgundy is likely to hit the stylish sweet spot for an incredibly versatile, powerful, and packed with features that could clearly use a pop of color to further stand out from a crowd of undeniably great but slightly bland looking Android phones.
Predictably, Dark Red volumes are described as “limited” at this point, and with the mass production of the other Z Fold 4 flavors that have reportedly been going on for quite some time, a late release in low numbers and only select markets around the world is definitely in the cards for this particular snazzy sounding model.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 colors – short summary of all expected shades

The ever-busy and productive Ross Young, in case you’re wondering, was the first tipster to reveal in May that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in the following colors (presumably in copious “volumes”):
Of course, as fans of diversity and choice, we hope this bad boy offers four “standard” color options in addition to a potentially “special” (read harder to get) dark red flavor, which is a more than decent improvement on the Z Fold 3’s Phantom Black/Phantom Silver/Phantom Green lineup (despite luxury Thom Browne Edition).

Interestingly, the same Z Flip 4 rumors are much less contradictory, with only the names of the four main shades being disputed by Young and Prosser as follows:

  • Gold/pink gold
  • Grey/graphite
  • Light blue/blue
  • Light violet/bora purple
But on top of that one-note quartet, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 powered flip phone is also expected to allow its buyers to combine all sorts of different front, back and frame colors as part of a extensive customization program.
While we clearly don’t have the space, time, energy or foreknowledge to list all of these possible upcoming combinations, it seems that Samsung is planning to mainly push the following threesomes:
  • Black/green/green
  • Gold/yellow/white
  • Gold/Yellow/Yellow
  • Silver/navy/navy
  • silver/white/white
In short, there seems to be plenty of things to get excited about in terms of colors for both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, which can help make some of your camera disappointments and in general lack of major design changes.

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