Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery life to be expected

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Samsung goes the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a battery of similar capacity to its predecessor, so we can expect the Z Fold 4’s battery life to last around 7-8 hours of screen time while browsing, watching video or gaming, like our The battery test of the Z Fold 3 review suggests.

Turn on the 120Hz refresh rate while gaming, and the battery life would drop abruptly to around 5 hours and change, if our foldable phone tests are any indication, as their main screens are rather large and power-hungry.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Battery Size

The Korean Certification Database has the two battery packs destined for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. We’ll say two, because that’s how Samsung is rolling out its Fold line, with two separate batteries in each half of the bendable phone and citing their combined capacity in the spec sheet.
It looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery will have a typical capacity of 4270 mAh, made up of two packs – the 2002 mAh B-BF936ABY one and the larger 2268 mAh EB-BF937ABY battery (2,268 mAh) – but Samsung is going. most likely to put the total at 4400 mAh. That’s not great, but not terrible either, and about the same battery capacity that the Z Fold 3 currently has.

Granted, the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s gigantic main screen consumes battery like cotton candy when you’re gaming, but you’ll get enough hours of the day on it to watch videos or browse. If you mainly use the external display, the battery life will be better, but why go for a foldable display.

A similar fate awaits the Z Fold 4’s durability benchmarks for a fee, although the phone is expected to ship with a more frugal Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and new OLED display technology that allows for more granular management of the refresh rate.

Samsung is considering using Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) batteries in its foldable phones in the future, for reasons as much related to cost and final retail price as it is to the quality of the battery packs, Korean media reported. the Elec† ATL is one of the largest consumer electronics battery manufacturers and is also an Apple iPhone supplier.

If the partnership with ATL becomes a reality, it will be the first time Samsung has used batteries other than those of its SDI subsidiary for its foldable phones. Recently, LG has also been thrown into the mix as a Samsung battery supplier, so the company is clearly trying to diversify its sources.

The battery packs aren’t a big contributor to a phone’s overall cost of mounting (that would be the screen), but every bit of fat trimming lightened counts. A typical phone battery costs $6-$8, but when you’re mass-producing, every bit counts.

Samsung is trying to popularize the foldable phone niche and to go mainstream, the bendable handsets need to drop in price, at least to the level of today’s rigid flagships, so the diversification of ATL and LG battery supply at Samsung is a must. part of its market penetration puzzle. One way to achieve lower Galaxy Z Fold 4 prices while still adding new features and hardware to the phones is to replace expensive suppliers in the chain with alternatives that are no less experienced but can produce the part for less and Samsung seems to be doing just that with its battery unit.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery life and charging speeds

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will probably have a battery of 4,400 mAh. That’s big, but not quite gigantic by today’s standards when the S22 Ultra comes with a 5000mAh pack.

With the same battery size, the Z Fold 4 predecessor lasted 8 hours and 15 minutes of screen time in our browsing test with the high refresh rate enabled and a slightly shorter staying power of 7 hours when streaming YouTube videos. Gaming on the big screen is actually quite frugal at over 8 hours of screen-on time, but when you turn on the 120Hz mode, the battery life goes back to 5 hours and changes.

We therefore expect the battery life of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to be average to very good, depending on whether you mainly use the external display with sporadic deployment to read or watch videos on the main display, or if you plan on using it. extensive gaming. in a dynamic refresh rate mode.

Concerning the The charging speeds of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are expected to remain the same at 25W, meaning it will take about an hour and 20 minutes to fully charge the battery.

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