Samsung Galaxy S23 EU price leaks

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The launch of the The Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup is coming. By this time next week, the Korean tech giant’s 2023 flagship series should have been unveiled in all its glory. If you don’t feel like waiting an extra 7 days, we have good news.

Samsung is notoriously bad when it comes to keeping secrets and we already know pretty much everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S23 family. The only remaining piece of the puzzle is pricing and this is where this last piece of information that just surfaced now comes into play.

According to a tweet by Roland Quandt, a leaker with a particularly reliable track record, the pricing of the entire Samsung Galaxy S23 series has been revealed by a Spanish retailer. Quandt explicitly states that the exact prices will vary slightly (due to VAT and import duties) between the different EU member states.

From the looks of it, the Galaxy S23 will be a bit more expensive than its predecessor, at least across the pond. On average, each S23 model costs about €100 more than its respective predecessor. It should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that there will be a price increase in the US as well. After all, the The iPhone 14 lineup was the exact same price as the iPhone 13 one, but Apple still increased the price of all models in the EU. Although the euro has recovered since September 2022, Samsung could still raise the price, if only to match Apple’s.

Quandt also mentions that there will be some nice launch deals, such as a free specification upgrade. Samsung is quite generous when it comes to discounts. You can reduce the price of the S23 even further if you reserve a unit now using one of the links below.

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