Samsung executive says foldable phones are about to become mainstream

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Samsung has seen the future of smartphones and it is a future of foldable phones. That is the view of Dr. TM Roh of the company, who is president and head of Sammy’s Mobile Experience Business. dr. Roh makes it sound like foldables are about to become mainstream. A specific type of foldable handset gets the most attention from the public.

Samsung executive says foldable phones are about to become mainstream

Whether it’s because of the abrupt and satisfying way you can hang someone who is annoying, or because of the pocketability of such a device, consumers prefer flip-style foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip. 4. In Roh .’s blog post Dubbed “The Mainstream Moment for Foldable Smartphones Is Here,” the director pointed out that last year, 70% of Galaxy Z foldable phone buyers voted with their own money and chose the Galaxy Z Flip, while the remaining 30% chose the Galaxy Z. Fold chose.

It helped, of course, that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was priced at $999 and up, a nice discount from the $1,380 price for the base version of its predecessor. Samsung may not get as aggressive in pricing the Galaxy Z Flip 4, although a smaller drop to $899 is possible.
While the Galaxy Z Flip can be opened from a device that fits comfortably in your pocket to become a long and thin 6.7-inch handset. Roh writes that “Flip users love owning a device built for self-expression, whether choosing bold color options for their device or taking photos in a new way with Flex mode.” He says that Galaxy Z Fold users also have their reasons for buying that model. “Fold users love the multitasking capabilities of a screen that’s twice the size, so they can work more efficiently and get things done faster,” says Roh.
With the next Unpacked event taking place on August 10, the Samsung executive argues that it’s not about what the latest technology can do. It’s about what you can do with the latest technology. He adds that Samsung customers are the muse from which the company draws to develop innovative new ideas for the company’s foldable handsets.

Roh says: “I can’t wait to show you the potential of our new Samsung Galaxy foldable devices as the ultimate tool for both productivity and self-expression. Now you can do more than you ever thought possible, all at once, in one device.”

It seems that the head of Samsung’s Mobile Experience Business is eager to take credit for the success of Samsung’s foldable phones. Roh even called Google and Microsoft “industry leaders helping to extend the experiences now made possible in the foldable ecosystem.”

Samsung’s goal is to bring the Galaxy Z Flip 4 closer to a regular phone, something that seems a lot more possible with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Yes, part of that is the pricing, which is why the manufacturer reportedly building a new line of foldable Flip and Fold handsets for its budget-priced Galaxy A line. But based on last year’s sales, the flip build is overwhelmingly the foldable of choice among consumers.

Collapsible shipments rose 300% last year, a figure that is hard to ignore

Will there be a day when foldable smartphones will dominate the landscape? It’s hard to understand how until the most influential smartphone brand, the Apple iPhone, has its own foldable device. But even Apple can’t ignore the trend as foldable devices are bought up by consumers. Last year, 10 million foldable phones were shipped, an increase of 300% year on year. Such figures cannot be ignored for long.

As Roh writes in his post, “We are reaching the point where these foldable devices become widespread and take a greater claim in the overall smartphone market.” Consumers, keep an eye on this part of the industry to find the fastest growing sector of the smartphone industry.

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