Samsung CRN Store: Is Buying Samsung Refurbished Worth It?

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When it comes to sustainability and going green, repurposing and repurposing products is much, much better than… throwing them away.

That’s why Samsung has developed a refurbished program that pushes out high-quality refurbished phones. Appropriately named “Certified Re-Newed” as the phones undergo a thorough overhaul before being put back up for sale.

Are Samsung Certified Re-Newed Devices Refurbished?

Yes, but it is not a simple polish. Samsung will replace any part that needs to be replaced with genuine parts made for the exact model. Each CRN phone receives a new battery and passes a 132-point quality check before being deemed suitable for sale in the CRN store. Even the old IMEI will be erased and the phone will receive brand new IDs.

On the retail side, Samsung treats these as new devices — you get a 1-year warranty and buy with trade-in options or even in monthly installment plans.

Samsung refurbished shop phones

Currently, the Certified Refurbished store has several models from the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 era through to the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Ultra. The stock of these is quite dynamic as they come in and out so if a particular model is out of stock at the moment don’t be discouraged. Just come back later.

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