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The new Ricoh GR IIIx is the latest in a long line of discrete compact cameras that are small enough to slip into your pocket, but somehow boast a large APS-C sensor and a sharp, fixed focal length lens.

The Ricoh GR series has carved out a niche market, being particularly popular with street photographers and everyday snappers who love the camera’s quick response, intuitive handling and, more recently, Snap Focus system to capture decisive moments. As a result, they’ve long been mainstays in our guides to the best compact cameras and the best travel cameras.  

Yet one thing that many GR lovers have pined for is a more telephoto focal length than the 28mm f/2.8 lens found in the most recent iteration, the GR III. Well, now their wish has come true in the GR IIIx, a camera that is virtually identical to the GR III in every way, except it has a 40mm f/2.8 equivalent lens.

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A 28mm lens is essentially the same focal length as a smartphone’s standard camera, making it the most universally familiar focal length, while 40mm is closer to a phone’s portrait lens. Another way to appreciate the difference between the two focal lengths is that 28mm represents what you can see, while 40mm is what you focus on.

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